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No bad situation is unresolvable

Right now, things might look bad or even grim! But no bad situation is unresolvable.

No matter how daunting or impossible the task might at first seem, there is a solution. Sometimes it’s good to remind our-self of this, especially when things get tough!

The best answer to a problem requires tapping into our innermost Nature. We connect by tuning in with heart-felt sincerity & humility. Heart based strategies bypass the self-sabotage mechanisms of our Ego-mind.

To do this we must forego the usual ego-indulgences of pride and being angry, resentful or feeling like a victim. These negative emotions are what the Ego promotes. They at best provide only a partial and temporary respite. It’s a flawed response that does not satisfy.

Ego-based solutions are never the best solution and don’t work well long term.

Our negative reactions in a difficult situation are usually triggered by Fear. Alternatively, being an ‘impartial observer’ to the situation at hand, minimizes this Fear. Being in our ‘Heart-space’ allows us to sufficiently un-attach from this emotional cascade. This is sometimes termed being fully ‘Present’ or ‘In the Moment’. This requires some exploration and practice before-hand if we want to use this well.

We must also be sufficiently open and receptive enough to receive the offered response. This insight offered contains the solution we most need to benefit all concerned. It however might not necessarily be what we expect or what we think we want! This might necessitate changing ourselves and the way we view the situation! We must be open to that too!

Our urgent need for a solution becomes an inner call for help. It’s our request for assistance from a deeper dimension of ourselves…a higher Consciousness.

Being in a loving or heart-based zone is our connection to higher Consciousness.

This is our gateway to the resources of the infinite intelligent Cosmos. This field is both the source and the driver of all possibilities & potentialities. The optimal solution to any human problem exists there. Its manifestation and the mechanism of action is powered from there.

Thus, every situation has an optimal outcome. One that’s best for all concerned. The strategy chosen might even defy all conventional logic and still work out just right!

We as humans all inherently have this potential for insight & creative manifestation deep within us.

It is our true and grand innermost nature. It is the greatest part of what we truly are! Only a small part of our thought-based mind and our social conditioning keeps us hostage. Only a few rogue mental programs keep us trapped and limited. The general ‘world view’ imposed by our culture and society prevents most of us from realizing how powerful we really are. We don’t usually appreciate just how great our true nature and creative capacity really is. Yet this almost unlimited capacity is always there, just waiting to be realized. We just need to re-tune and practice utilizing this capacity to its full potential.

We might call this whole process by fancy names such as our Awakening, Higher Awareness, Spiritual Transformation or becoming Realized. We might talk about raising our level of Consciousness. But, in practice it’s very simple. We could think of it as an innate part of our spiritual nature. It is already there, preformed right within us.

We don’t need to learn anything very new or difficult. We could just ALLOW our true inner heart-felt urge and our spiritual nature to shine through. To emerge again…

But we might however be a little ‘rusty’ after so much prior denial and repression.

The experts have names for this wonderous phenomenon. Some call it being fully ‘Present’ or living ‘In the Moment’. Some term this state ‘a connection with All That Is’. Others term it as experiencing our ‘I Am Presence’.

But all these descriptive words might make this process seem harder than it really is. In the end, it’s just the simple art of being our true nature… to just "BE" our true -self. It really should be child’s play. Indeed, almost any child before being formally educated can do it and usually better than most adults. That’s because the powerful social conditioning forces which we call our upbringing & education have been brought to bear on us. That suppresses this natural childhood tendency. We are taught not to waste our time ‘daydreaming’ or imagining. Except that it’s not the passive experience of a dream, but instead the creative construction of a new reality!

Using meditation and silent prayer can help us get the hang of this process again. Practicing Visualization & Intention can also help. It was once all child's play and it can be again. Art and playing, especially in nature are a great help in re-kindling this. In fact, almost anything that children do creatively and spontaneously in fun and joy will help us restart this process.

The hardest part in restarting our innate spiritual nature is to bypass our established self-sabotage mechanisms.

That’s our Anger, Pride, Cravings, our Guilt & Fears. We have practiced this inner sabotage for so long! Enough fear of anything will inhibit our personal & spiritual growth! So, guess what our society is so full of… FEAR.

Fear is presented to us, hidden in every guise. Young children are usually braver in this regard having not yet been taught by social conditioning to fear as many things! So, the more childlike, innocent and loving we can become the better, in this regard.

Wishing you good luck in this endeavour. We encourage you not to think of this as hard work but instead as fun and child’s play.

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