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Images to prompt insights into your life


This section of is the website's quiet 'Contemplation Corner'. This invites you to practise both your contemplation and meditation skills. You are encouraged to pause here daily at any quiet time you have to practise these essential skills. You could even use a mobile phone to access these images!

Our suggested contemplation process:

  1. Choose a style of image to contemplate from the below categories. 

  2. Deeply relax for a few moments. 

  3. Allow your intuitive knowing to find ONE image from that category. 

  4. Relax even further and contemplate this image deeply. 

  5. Use this experience to prompt new insights.

  6. Record your answers and insights in a journal

Immediately after you finish contemplation, ask yourself:

  • Why did you intuitively choose that image?

  • Does this image relate to an issue or situation you are facing?

  • What is the feeling or insight that this image reveals to you?

  • What other meanings could this picture have?

Contemplate the pictures from our Challenge 1 & 2 course. This is a simple way to support your ongoing personal development. You can raise your level of awareness & consciousness. Do you want to be more kind to yourself and others? Handle difficult situations with ease? Be more emotionally intelligent? Become a better and wiser person? Contemplate this now.


Contemplate the pictures from the Podcast book. Do you want to explore what you are meant to do with your life? Discover a passion that aligns with your purpose! Overcome doubt, fear, ego & other self-sabotage. Create a practice of quiet contemplation & reflection. Live a life with more joy, meaning & fulfilment. Contemplate this now.


YOUR CHALLENGE is to unlock the powerful insight deeply encapsulated in the simple words & image presented.  Take a few moments to enjoy the simple BEAUTY of each individual graphic. Savor the poetry and 'movement' of the words. Feel the energy that the image evokes in you. 

golden contemplation




Share insights from your contemplation

If this exercise was beneficial to you, it might also help others in the Ultimate Test community. If you choose to share your insights, please summarise them briefly in the form below.

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