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Find your life's purpose!
Instructions for the Game of Life test
First, watch the animated VIDEOS below for an explanation of the GAME. Then view the PRESENTATIONS and BLOG posts listed below.
Keep a personal journal and update this over time. Consider sharing any insights you have on this process with our community using the form at the bottom of the page.
Watch VIDEOS that explain the Game of Life:

View THEMES related to the Game of Life:

A challenging question with a great reward. Everyone's answer is different. What's yours?

How do we really know what's right? How do we decide what's best for ourselves right now?

View PRESENTATIONS related to the Game:

What is my true creative direction? Am I on track? How do I create a living dream?

Creating a waking dream you really want to live. And avoiding the nightmare.

We all work with one infinite power. Whatever is going on in your life, you are attracting it.

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