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Guides to raising your consciousness


Are you new to personal development? Start your Inner Journey with these THEMES. They will gently guide you through the process of self discovery & realisation. Begin exploring inner concepts & start inner questioning. Enjoy the beautiful images & videos as you start your contemplation.

A challenging question with a great reward. Everyone's answer is different. What's yours?

Are you only aware of the ripples on life's surface? Are you making Conscious decisions?

How do we really know what's right? How do we decide what's best for ourselves right now?

Emotional Mastery is a key to success. Learn to optimize your energy and level of vibration.

Life is like a classroom for us to learn in. Can we really measure how well a life is lived?

Is it our survival, liberation or something more inspiring? What is collective consciousness?

Do you want to be more kind to yourself and others? Do you want to handle difficult situations with ease? This course encourages you to seek inner peace, contentment and fulfillment. It will help you raise your Awareness & Consciousness. The challenges course is a ‘fast track’ to personal growth & self-development. 

Challenge 1 is about practising kindness, caring and self-awareness.

It’s also about tuning into your intuition and inner-knowing! 

challenge 1.jpg

Challenge 2 encourages you to better process & release your emotions.

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