LIFE is like a CLASSROOM for us to LEARN in...

What is the ultimate test of a life well lived?

How do we calculate a life of worth & beauty? 

Would it be an assessment of intelligence or courage or wisdom?

 Is being smart, brave or wise the best? 

 ... Are these the right measures of success? 

Can we really measure how well a life is lived?

There are prizes for achievements in Science & Arts etc

 Is there a prize for a life remarkably lived? 

Should there be prizes for people living life incredibly?

 Is their joy, peace & fulfillment reward enough? 

 What should the criteria of success be? 

 Can this goal only be judged intuitively? 

Is success in life too abstract & intangible? 

What is the ultimate test of YOUR life?

The Ultimate Test community would love to hear your opinion... 

What do you currently feel the ULTIMATE TEST  might be in the classroom of  YOUR life?

Try to convey this briefly in the form below. Your answer could be published on this website.

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We don't have to do anything! It's more important to let go of our conditioning.

To understand consciousness, a new world view is required. It's a medium beyond mind.

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