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Are you DEEPLY conscious?

 ... or only aware of the ripples on life's surface?

Are you AWARE of ALL that's going on within?

 What's your LEVEL of consciousness? 

Are you giving away control?

 Is your life mostly on AUTO-PILOT? 

Are you DECIDING WISELY & consciously?

 ...or REACTING out of fear and habit? 

True JOY comes from RAISING consciousness

 Consciousness is a connection to JOY 

TRUTH is found by raising our awareness

 View life from a HIGHER perspective 

RAISE UP humanity's collective consciousness!

 One conscious person uplifts many others 

Higher Consciousness is HUMANITY'S #1 NEED

A Conscious SOCIETY

is more loving & caring

Help spread the Love in your Heart

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What do we scientifically know about the mind and the brain? Is it a biological computer?

Can absolute truth exist? What is the relationship between truth and consciousness?

To understand consciousness, a new world view is required. It's a medium beyond mind.

We are capable of anything we really want! So why do we self sabotage and give up?

We have forgotten to laugh for no reason. We have forgotten to imagine, create and feel!

There are 5 simple steps. The inner journey starts NOT by doing, but instead by undoing.

We don't have to do anything! It's more important to let go of our conditioning.

That is the decision! To be in the now and observe the flow of life between the gaps.

I'm the observer of my thoughts and sensations. I know that I am.

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