HOW do YOU really KNOW what is RIGHT?

Then ask yourself

Your PAST choices might not create the best outcome for you right NOW

Are your decisions OPEN to change?

To make the very 
BEST choice for
you RIGHT NOW...

The deciding process is called


There are TWO LEVELS of discernment:

When you use 

thinking & logic to decide...

... that's MIND BASED discernment

When you use

intuitive Sensing & Knowing...

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January 14, 2020

Humans are innately emotional. We’re VERY emotional beings: perhaps the most emotional creature we know of! But are we really ‘TOO EMOTIONAL’?

Many believe that ‘being emotional’ is a handicap to rational & logical functioning.

Many believe that emotions cause intolerance & even conflict on Earth. They have convinced us to suppress & downplay our feelings. This has been a subtle part of our education & social...

We’re entering a new Golden Age, a New Era.  A ‘Paradigm Shift’ in awareness & consciousness is now underway.

Significant shifts in society have always been difficult to assess & accept while they’re in progress.

They herald a new culture: a different way of thinking & behaving. In retrospect, the old ways seem antiquated & unjust. But we don’t see all that, while it’s unfolding!

In retrospect ‘the old w...

December 25, 2019

Many of us are relatively fortunate.  We probably haven’t had our lives affected by gross abuse or trauma. We might not have been subjected to gross poverty, war, violence, alcoholism or drugs, etc.  But could we somehow still have been traumatized and not even realize this? The ongoing effect of trauma or perceived abuse in our lives can be considerable.



December 17, 2019

Why is this Paradigm Shift inevitable? There are currently two powerful driving forces: The first is the ‘accumulated toxicity’ in the current global system. This ‘toxic load’ has become too great to bear! Both the environmental burden and the human cost are now too great.

The status quo is no longer sustainable or even defendable!

Secondly, the ‘emotional threshold’ of what people will tolerate has now been...

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