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 Changing our life by 


Reassessing 'success in life'

Looking at SUCCESS in life differently:

The challenges here is to reframe our mind to LOOK AT LIFE DIFFERENTLY.

We do this by changing our PERSPECTIVE.


This new OUTLOOK helps us to CHANGE our current VALUES and BELIEFS.

As a result, we naturally change our ACTIONS and BEHAVIOUR.

To reframe a concept we must remain open, neutral and objective when CONFRONTED with a radical NEW IDEA regarding life.

We will look at an unusual or controversial concept that we’ve not considered before.

Can we STOP OUR EGO-MIND from stepping in and controlling the experience?

How long can we maintain this form of quiet contemplation?

The following is THE STATEMENT that we will use to practise REFRAMING:

“OUR SUCCESS IN ANY SITUATION in life can be instantly measured by ourselves as A VIBRATION…"

  1. It’s HOW HIGH a frequency of vibration we can SUSTAIN in a given situation.

  2. Plus, it’s HOW LONG we can MAINTAIN a high frequency vibration in our day to day lives.

  3. It’s also HOW WELL WE COPE vibrationally, with both the expected and unexpected challenges in life!”

DON'T ASSUME the statement to be either RIGHT or WRONG.

BE NEUTRAL. Try to approach your exploration of this theme with an OPEN MIND and NOT TO REACT in any way.

READ EVERY WORD slowly and carefully. Put aside your analytical or critical mind.

Some tips on how to REFRAME your mind:

Sit quietly and just GENTLY HOLD this concept in your Mind. Don’t rush to any conclusion.

Try to maintain an open engagement with ALL POSSIBILITIES. At least till the end of the exercise!

 If possible record or journal your response and any insights. That is your Challenge!  

Please re-read the below statement carefully to allow the concept and meaning to register.​

“OUR SUCCESS IN ANY SITUATION in life can be instantly measured by ourselves as A VIBRATION…"

  • Sit quietly for a while after you have finished reading.

  • Hold ‘the meaning’ you have uncovered gently in your MIND without reacting or responding mentally to it.

  •  Consider journaling your experience. 

  •  Watch for any new insights during the next day or so.

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How did your values change?

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