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We don't have to do anything! It's more important to let go of our conditioning.

To understand consciousness, a new world view is required. It's a medium beyond mind.

We have forgotten to laugh for no reason. We have forgotten to imagine, create and feel!

There are 5 simple steps. The inner journey starts NOT by doing, but instead by undoing.

What do we scientifically know about the mind and the brain? Is it a biological computer?

The journey from mechanistic science to spiritual science is a paradigm shift.

That is the decision! To be in the now and observe the flow of life between the gaps.

Can absolute truth exist? What is the relationship between truth and consciousness?

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August 8, 2019

We seem to be made of solid matter! Our skin, tissues & bones all seem separate or solid.

But we know from science & conventional atomic theory that this ‘solid matter’ is mostly ‘space’. Atoms & subatomic particles take up less than 1% of that space. 

But is that spare space really empty and made of nothing?

The answer could be so simple, so elegant and so profound. If some maverick scientists are right,...

January 24, 2019

​The Truth can be SO SIMPLE, but NOT always SO EASY to accept. It can be quite a shock!

In this discussion we will present ONE MAJOR TRUTH: It concerns WHO WE REALLY ARE! Do you think you really know?


Preliminary warning & advice:
It helps if you take the offered explanation very slowly. We suggest that you briefly pause & contemplate the deeper meaning, after every sentence.

To allow this truth to really...

December 13, 2018

This question is said to be one of the most profound questions we could ever ask ourselves. An exploration of this can take a lifetime or much more. Is there a SIMPLE explanation for who or what we really are? If we are not just our body, or even our whole human experience, then what is our true nature? Are you ready to consider this?

In keeping with the theme of the website we will try to mak...

June 1, 2018

How would a SPIRITUALLY WISE person behave? What would we look for and perhaps notice in them?


Can we really tell whether someone is spiritually aware or even enlightened? Could we ever determine THE LEVELS of higher consciousness that might exist?

IF WE COULD TEST for the quality of higher Awareness, WHAT REAL PURPOSE would that serve? Would this help our own perso...

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