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What brings you the most JOY ?

  Ponder this question...  
  Take your time...  

Take as long

as you like

to answer...

 There is no time limit 

Relax &


your mind...

 Remove any distractions 




 Indulge your imagination 

What brings you the        JOY ?


  ...with a great reward!  
  A challenging question  

 Is your JOY from... 



 Let yourself go with... 

No expectations.

No judgements.

No limitations.

No right/wrong.

 Go deep within...  

Ask what is

true for you?Explore your

personal truth.

What brings        the most JOY ?


  Everyone's answer is different...  
  What's yours?  


What brings you great & lasting JOY?

The Ultimate Test community would love to hear what brings YOU the most JOY.

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