Watch these specialists share their expertise on Consciousness and personal development.

Jack Elias

Overcoming the autohypnotic trance of life.

Dr. Cheryl Arutt

Moving ahead by reframing the past.

Sandra Elia

Recovering from a life crisis & soft addiction

Adam S. Adams

Overcoming sickness and trauma

Sue Bowe McKee

Resilience training and emotional mastery.

Patricia McAdam

Facing issues and overcoming limiting beliefs

Jennie Lee

Yoga and quietening the monkey-mind.

Milena Cerin

Limiting beliefs. Loving our self. Purpose.

Dr. Ronald Kaiser

Reinventing ourself after a life crisis

Bartholemew Campbell

Focussing on our strengths & opportunities

Julie Richer

General Life coaching advice

Adam Morden

Health & fitness for your Spiritual Journey

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