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Meditative Moment

Powerful Lessons... that each take just a moment!



YOUR CHALLENGE is to unlock the powerful insight deeply encapsulated in the simple words & image presented. 


The KEY to REVEALING the full MEANING is quiet contemplation or meditative contemplation. This might however take some PRACTICE! We will explain how to do this very simply.

TRY STARTING with the first graphic of each series. Take a few moments to enjoy the simple BEAUTY of each individual graphic. Savor the poetry and 'movement' of the words. Feel the energy that the image evokes in you. 



  1. Make some free time & a quiet space for yourself. 

  2. STOP what you have been doing or THINKING about.

  3. Then QUIETEN your MIND even further. Become UNATTACHED from any notion of time or location. Be DEEPLY STILL. 

  4. ALLOW the INSIGHT or REALIZATION to surface into your AWARENESS when it wishes.

  5. HOLD this KNOWING and deep WISDOM lightly & gently IN THE SPACE of your greater MIND for as long as you can.


Once you engage or activate the thinking part of your mind the connection to this GREATER KNOWING is broken. If you are doing all this correctly you will also ENJOY the EXPERIENCE!


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