What is Humanity's ultimate test?

What is the ultimate test for Humanity?

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What have we been doing in class? Our report card is all F's! It's time to go back to school.

We are numb and confused. Last century was the most violent in history. What's next?

The journey from mechanistic science to spiritual science is a paradigm shift.

Is there a fast track to peace? Can world peace be achieved in our lifetime?

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Life is like a classroom for us to learn in. Can we really measure how well a life is lived?

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January 23, 2020

There is so much power in our emotions! We intuitively know that just from experiencing life!

That’s why we tend to avoid recalling traumatic events. Some even try to avoid their emotions completely!

What if we utilized the powerful energy of our emotions for guidance?

What if this system provided us with an accurate & individual guide in life: an aid to personal discernment? In this second part of this serie...

We’re entering a new Golden Age, a New Era.  A ‘Paradigm Shift’ in awareness & consciousness is now underway.

Significant shifts in society have always been difficult to assess & accept while they’re in progress.

They herald a new culture: a different way of thinking & behaving. In retrospect, the old ways seem antiquated & unjust. But we don’t see all that, while it’s unfolding!

In retrospect ‘the old w...

December 17, 2019

Why is this Paradigm Shift inevitable? There are currently two powerful driving forces: The first is the ‘accumulated toxicity’ in the current global system. This ‘toxic load’ has become too great to bear! Both the environmental burden and the human cost are now too great.

The status quo is no longer sustainable or even defendable!

Secondly, the ‘emotional threshold’ of what people will tolerate has now been...

November 12, 2019

Corporate control is the nature of today’s society! As a Humanity we are subtly managed by corporate entities & global organizations. The big change is that more and more people are waking up to this! They are resisting this control and informing others! They’re making alternative & sovereign choices!

A Paradigm Shift in awareness is about to occur! This New Paradigm will change everything! It will be so...

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