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What we do that’s so wrong?

In our day to day lives … what is it that we do so wrong?

We MANIFEST our ADDICTIVE and CODEPENDANT BEHAVIOUR! We BECOME ATTACHED to so many things. Let’s look at how this might this present or manifest in our lives…

Instead of holding Life so gently and lovingly in ‘our hands’, like a delicate flower…we DESPERATELY ATTACH to those things we perceive to be ours or potentially beneficial to us.

Metaphorically speaking, we GRAB at Life as with a flower, and GRASP on to it so firmly. Unfortunately, we so often damage or crush it in the process!

In Life we SELFISHLY grab at opportunities and then grasp them all so FORCEFULLY. We do this out of GREED and FEAR of lack. Then we jealously GUARD and defend all we possess or control. We fear the LOSS of something we value.

We are also JEALOUS or ENVIOUS of anyone who has what we want. We have HATRED or SPITE for those who have taken what’s ‘ours’ or have what we perceive should rightfully be ours.

WE CRAVE the possibility of having MORE. Its an addiction or a codependence.

We BECOME ANXIOUS and WORRIED that we can’t predict the future. Will we still be safe and have sufficient then? So, we REACT BY ATTACHING ourselves in some way to EVEN MORE in the material world as buffer or insurance policy!

We FEEL JUSTIFIED and right in doing all this! Our PRIDE has taken a role. We won’t easily be proven wrong!

Because of this COMPULSIVE and REPETITIVE behavior, we become NUMB and RIGID.

We have unknowingly SACRIFICED OUR natural state of INNER PEACE in return for this materialistic and opportunistic way of living. Somehow, we don’t seem to be able to live another way. It has been socially CONDITIONED into us right from childhood and is now an entrenched HABIT.


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