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Connecting to our higher-Self… A new approach!

Inner connection is NOT something we can LEARN to do in the conventional sense. It can’t be taught using thought-based strategies, however clever these might be. The approach needed is almost the opposite of that! It’s the negation of thought. But we can still do it!

We need to bypass our conventional thought-based mind!

We will discuss and describe this alternative approach shortly. You can even try this out in practice if you wish! We will gently guide you through one such way. There are many other alternative avenues & methods.

Let’s first set the scene for this strategy. To help overcome subtle rejection or self-sabotage by our Ego-mind perhaps start with this approach:

Consider the following discussion as an abstract contemplation or a philosophical discussion. One where there is no definitive right or wrong view. One where no judgement or criticism is required. Imagine you are fully at ease and just contemplating this issue. Perhaps you are discussing this topic amongst close friends who are open to these matters. Imagine we are just considering & exploring these hypothetical possibilities.

Give yourself permission to have this discussion and explore this topic. Acknowledge this is a special time that you have put aside just for yourself and that you really deserve this!

Having the right intention and being comfortable with this process, is most important. You must feel at ease & comfortable in exploring this issue. You don’t need to be highly enthusiastic or full of expectation. A quiet, un-attached & neutral state of mind is best.

It’s good to remind ourselves of the potential grandeur & significance of our true inner-nature. That’s why we would consider making such an inner-connection! This understanding or knowing will enhance the logical rationale for re-connecting or merging with this part of us. Perhaps see it like a ‘home-coming’…

We are returning to our true nature.

All this will quieten our Ego. But it won’t completely deter any unconscious self-sabotage attempts.

If you feel uncomfortable with any stage of this process, its likely some self-sabotage strategy has been activated in attempt to stop this. If this discomfort won’t pass spontaneously or it keeps building, you might have to stop and try again later. Remember that actively thinking about the self-sabotage won’t actually help the immediate re-connection process!

Relaxing our whole body and quietening our mind will certainly help. Becoming aware of our natural breathing and following the air-flow of our breath, gently in and out, should help relax an over-active mind. Find a quiet location where you won’t be disturbed. Make sure you have allowed lots of extra time for this process. Any pressure of time or other commitments will inhibit this.

Using imagination or visualization can also help bypass our Ego-mind.

That temporary bypass is what we intend to do! Imagine how this ‘inner’ or ‘higher’ Self is an integral part of each human being, whether President or pauper, novice or Guru. Imagine or feel, if you can, what our intuitive or non-cognitive nature might be like.

Accept that this part of our human mind can’t yet easily be measured with conventional science-based instruments. Understand that there’s a lot more we have left to discover in how our whole Mind functions. Realize it would be acceptable or even beneficial to explore this.

Visualize the thought-based component of our mind as being just a minor component of this grand totality of being-ness that we all are. View the thinking process as simply being a useful tool or aid in managing our physical body and in our brain’s processing. It's not meant to be the ‘star of the show’ and least of all not to hijack its sovereignty! It’s not meant to determine our life’s direction, nor our meaning or purpose for living. Only something much more capable or magnificent would be appropriate to guide the grand sovereign being that we truly are. Unfortunately, our formal education and religious instruction has conditioned us to believe otherwise! So, we are now redressing this imbalance!

We have now sufficiently ‘set the scene’ and you are now ready for the experiential process itself. We can gently guide you through this in the next blog post of this series.


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