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Why get into THE ZONE?

Don’t be baffled by other fancy names for THE ZONE. Being IN THE ZONE is really WHERE IT'S ALL AT. That’s with regards to any high achievement, rapid personal growth or the spiritual path. If any of those areas are of interest to you, this article could help.

It might be IMPORTANT FOR YOU to know more about The Zone and perhaps consider learning how to get into this and fully utilize it.

Others may term ‘The Zone’ as BEING IN THE NOW or being in THE NOW MOMENT. You can think of this as being of the same principle. But ‘being in The Zone’ often implies a more prolonged or continuous experience of the Now Moment. It can also imply more resultant action or high-level performance as well. An example might be the performance of an Olympic athlete in winning a gold medal. That’s likely to be the result of both BEING IN and then PERFORMING FROM THE ZONE.

In the spiritual field the same ZONE STATE or phenomenon is often termed BEING PRESENT or being FULLY PRESENT. This might not involve an Olympic level physical event but can be equally profound in terms of spiritual achievement. For example, it’s considered a high spiritual achievement to be OUR TRUE SELF. To truly ‘BE ONE’ with our inner Self & OUR DIVINE NATURE. To just BE! This might sound easy, but in spiritual terms it’s equivalent to both winning an Olympic medal and not having any attachment to it. Quite a feat!

At the highest spiritual level of ‘being in the Zone’ we can connect with our ‘I AM PRESENCE’ or spiritual oversoul. Some term this our personal connection with ‘All That Is’. We then lose our individual nature and any feeling of separation. We merge to feel a UNITY and ONENESS with ALL. This is a profound state of BLISS that both Olympic athletes and Spiritual masters alike have reported.

But all these descriptions and words can make this process seem complex or much harder to understand than it really is. It’s rather more like child's play. In fact, most children before being educated, can do it. Indeed, they usually do it much better than adults. Then social conditioning, in the form of upbringing and education, is brought to bear on them. They then slowly or quickly loose that INNATE ABILITY.


It's simply ALLOWING OUR FULL INNATE ABILITY &TALENT to come through. It allows our inner qualities & strengths to manifest. To allow an optimal cooperation between all our facilities. We just bypass the hidden blocks or barriers to our optimal functioning.

WE DO THIS simply by allowing a natural DEEP CONNECTION to the innate part of ourselves. This bypasses our prior conditioning and limiting beliefs. It also draws on the huge resources & cooperative ability of our inner nature. It’s not really the learning of anything new. Its more an unlearning or stopping of old conditioned ways & habits. This allows our authentic natural state to come through!


The STEP BY STEP process of getting into the Zone and then operating from this will be further explained in a future blog article on titled… ‘HOW to get into THE ZONE’.


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