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Tuning into higher Awareness

We need to develop and utilise our innate capacity to 'tune in' with higher Awareness.

This raises our level of Consciousness. This is the progressive evolution of our Consciousness.

So instead of relying only on our biased memories, sensations, emotions and associated thought-based processes, we can override, transform or transmute these when appropriate.

Whether we realise it or not, we all have as our human birthright, an innate ability to connect directly to an energy field of Universal Consciousness. This is the remarkable force field that pervades the “empty” space between every atom and subatomic particle of our body. It even exists between our thoughts!

This infinite cosmic matrix is the invisible medium out of which all possible matter, thought and intelligence originates. Optimally accessing this ultimate Intelligence and Energy and appropriately utilizing this, is perhaps our ULTIMATE TEST as a human. We could even use our individual human Consciousness to connect to all other Consciousness through this cosmic force-field. Utilizing this ultimate Resource wisely would surely be a great feat.

Expressing this Resource in our daily life, utilizing our own unique human creativity and life experience, is the next big step.

The Natural consequence of this is a great Humility, Gratitude, JOY, inner Peace and Fulfillment. Expressing all this with Compassion and unconditional Love would perhaps be the ULTIMATE LIFE. ALL this might however sound like a pure fantasy, the ULTIMATE FAIRYTALE? How does one even attempt all this?

We have discussed where we can start. We start exactly as we are in every present moment! We have also summarized where we want to get to.

But in practice what does one actually do? We explore this amazing concept at


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