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ALL ABOUT NOTHING: Part 4. All about MATTER: What are we really made of?

We seem to be made of solid matter! Our skin, tissues & bones all seem separate or solid.

But we know from science & conventional atomic theory that this ‘solid matter’ is mostly ‘space’. Atoms & subatomic particles take up less than 1% of that space.

But is that spare space really empty and made of nothing?

The answer could be so simple, so elegant and so profound. If some maverick scientists are right, this will radically change the way we view everything! Not only in the way we regard matter & the Universe, but also how we see ourselves as humans.

Both humans & the Universe are made of that same ‘non-matter’!

In that regard we’re predominantly ‘common space’ rather than being solid matter. In this sense there’s no absolute division between one person & another. We are therefore potentially one living interconnected sentient organism called humankind.

No ‘individual’ part therefore really exists in isolation. Everyone contributes to a greater collective: that of Mankind. This in turn might be a sub-component of a far larger sentient organism, existing in this Universe.

Our physical structure and this inter-connection continue at a microscopic level, deep within the structure of physical matter. The smallest subatomic particles link inexorably with larger atomic & then to molecular structures.

So, although humans might superficially appear as different individuals, we are not actually separate or alone.

We are inherently linked in a giant coherent & co-dependent structure.

This extends from macrocosm to microcosm! This cooperative structure of many units, in turn provides essential support for everyone. It also supports our unique expression of creativity & brilliance.

There is potentially an even more powerful connection that we all share. This is to the energy filled medium that bathes every atom & subatomic particle of our body. We have previously discussed the physics of ‘this space’ in Parts 2 and Part 3 of this series.

We now know this space is not empty… but instead is full of a powerful energy.

This acts like an energetic medium that each part of us is constantly filled with. It might be invisible, much like the air we breathe, but it contains essential nourishment, much like essential oxygen in our air.

This energy containing medium pervades each part of us. It does this through the spaces, that exist between even the smallest of these subatomic particles!

This pervasive medium also links & binds our physical form together. It contains powerful electromagnetic binding forces. These acts like an additional supporting structure or matrix.

This common medium also provides essential nourishment & energetic support.

A simple analogy is the laboratory ‘culture medium’ that scientists use to grow bacteria or tissue cells. This Universal Medium acts like the fluid or gel that we all require to exist & coexist in. It provides the essential space, energy & support for whatever we choose to do.

This matrix or medium can also serve as a conduit for internal communication at every level. It also potentially connects us to an infinite & eternal Cosmos.

As part of this ‘ocean of Universal connectivity’ we as ‘individual drops of water’ are not really separate. Nor have we ever been alone! There is an ocean full of other water drops together there with us.

Could this common medium also record of our human existence?

The ‘footprint’ of every human life would be energetically imprinted in this matrix! An analogy is ripples of water spreading out in a pond. The ‘waves we make’ with our life and even our interaction with others is seen in the wave patterns on that pond. That Universal ‘Pond’ that we exist in, figuratively speaking, is very large & very deep!

Such a Universal Pond or Universal Field would experience and possibly record & integrate all Knowledge. This potentially ‘all knowing’ Universal field has been termed by some as the ‘Akashic field’.

Quantum Physicists relate to this Universal field as the ‘zero-point field’. Other scientists might term it the ‘Universal matrix’ or ‘Universal medium’.

In spiritual terms, this field is often termed ‘Universal Intelligence’ or ‘Universal Consciousness’.

Some might question whether the term ‘consciousness’ should be used outside of the human context. Consciousness simply implies an ability to sense & respond. In this sense a bacterium or even a living cell is conscious to some degree. The level of consciousness does of course widely vary. Sentient beings have significantly higher levels of awareness. The highest levels of consciousness occur in primates, including apes & man.

Is Universal Consciousness the larger cosmic equivalent of human consciousness? Do the two fields merge into one?

Maybe our goal as a human is to optimally merge our human consciousness into Universal Consciousness? To see how well how well we can utilize this connection? To push the boundaries of possibility! To contribute our part!

Maybe this our ultimate test as a human? Our intimate connection with the Universal connection potentially enables this. Through this endeavour we can potentially express our individuality as well. We can contribute our own unique talents, wisdom & creativity to the Whole.

Perhaps in this whole process and ‘that journey’, we find the deep fulfilment & inner peace that we yearn for!

This challenging discussion on Cosmic Consciousness continues in this series titled ‘ALL ABOUT NOTHING: A holistic perspective on Mind, Matter & Mankind.’

The sub-title of this next blog post is ‘Part 5. All about COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS: Is this the Truth?’.


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