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TOO EMOTIONAL? Part 2. Tapping into the power & guidance of our emotions.

There is so much power in our emotions! We intuitively know that just from experiencing life!

That’s why we tend to avoid recalling traumatic events. Some even try to avoid their emotions completely!

What if we utilized the powerful energy of our emotions for guidance?

What if this system provided us with an accurate & individual guide in life: an aid to personal discernment? In this second part of this series titled ‘TOO EMOTIONAL’ we expand on this. Before continuing, please consider reading PART 1, which is the general introduction to this theme.

The raw energy associated with an emotion can be powerful or extreme. We easily observe its effect through people around us. This can range from the depths of despair to the heights of rage. We might even secretly fear such emotions… they might overwhelm us! So, understandably we may be reluctant to deeply engage with our feelings. We might even be hesitant to explore the topic of ‘emotions’!

Our education has reinforced this ‘avoidance strategy’. This system has championed rational thinking over sensing & feeling. It’s sometimes called the ‘scientific approach’ to problem solving. That’s the new societal standard or consensus: the ‘new religion’. This in turn subtly devalues those in society who ‘feel something’ rather than those who ‘measure something’.

Scientists have now taken over from the priests of old!

Scientific committees issuing a consensus has become the ‘new church’.

A secular dogma is now applied with religious zeal! We are even subject to ‘an inquisition’ if we dare disagree with the established scientific consensus!

This philosophy changes how society operates by changing its values. It subtly biases our opinions and our decision making.

There is even a reluctance to engage the topic of emotions! Considerable curiosity, openness & courage is required for a deep exploration! We risk transgressing socially acceptable norms and the ‘comfort zones’ of ‘polite society’. So, congratulations on going where others may ‘fear to tread’.

On the positive side of this equation, there’s is a great yearning to address the human dilemma. This includes our apparent inability to discern the truth and learn from past mistakes: both as individuals and a society. The lack of a reliable ‘personal guidance system’ or ‘personal discernment’ seems to be the cause.

How can we really tell if we are being deceived by politicians, journalists, the media, corporations, high tech social media organizations, salespeople and the like? The comedic response might be that’s it’s ‘anytime they are speaking, writing or engaging us’! But the problem persists! What else can we do?

How can we better discern exactly what’s right for us? How can we quickly utilize this in changing life situations? We need a very powerful, accurate & sensitive guidance system. One that ideally is always working in the background!

Perhaps we already have such a guidance system.

Have we just ignored or downplayed this capacity? Let’s evaluate our Emotional Guidance System (EGS) as a suitable candidate.

The powerful nature of our emotions certainly lends itself to such an internal guidance system. Emotions can certainly be powerful and hard to ignore! They keep resurfacing even if we avoid them or try to suppress them! So, they could serve as a reliable signal to warn or notify us. That’s a good starting point!

But can emotions really guide us? To do this they must sense & convey small and subtle differences in our emotional state. That’s what we really need for accurate discernment! A guidance system that precisely senses and can accurately inform us. Also, ideally one that’s sensitive to our personal needs! The wide range of available human emotions ‘fits the bill’ for this role.

We know from personal experience just how sensitive our emotions can be. They can sometimes be triggered by a mere word or glance. The big problem is that we haven’t learnt to properly utilize this guidance. We have ignored or downplayed this powerful 6th sense!

How do we utilize the power & sensitivity of this inner guidance system?

The first step is to realize the true value of what we have at our disposal. That’s hopefully what you, the reader, have done by reading this far! Well done!

We need enough positive intent & courage to get started! Hopefully this discussion might inspire you to start. Additional motivation will come from having access to a reliable personal guidance system.

The second step is to put this into daily practice. To actively practice using this system daily! To value this additional or 6th sense and then set out to master its use.

However, re-engaging with any physical sense after many years of neglect will not always be easy. Many alternative or ‘old ways ’of doing things have become established over the years. It’s easy to succumb to these bad habits. Some new neural networks in the brain must be established, but thankfully that happens automatically through practice.

We should be grateful for such an ‘inbuilt coach’ or guide.

It’s a constant frame of reference…like a 6th sense! Our personal decision making can become much easier. We don’t have to agonize or ruminate over our decision making as much! What a welcome relief! Recognizing the positive results & ongoing success will help keep us motivated.

When we need guidance we should ‘tune in’ to this 6th physical sense.

Eventually in the longer term, we aim to be constantly attuned to this additional sense in all we think & do! We can start by being more mindful of this unique sensory input. To tune in to what it’s telling us!

This 6th sense measures & relates our inner state of emotional wellbeing. It senses what’s ‘just right for us’ empathically at the emotional level! It somewhat like our ‘sense of touch’. We can tell whether our choice it’s empathically ‘too hot’ or ‘too cold’. Whether there is too much pressure’ or it feels ‘just right’! Our emotions however sense our ‘inner psyche’ rather than the skin’s temperature & pressure, as with touch.

How do we utilize this emotional sense or ‘empathic practice’ in our daily life? It’s as simple as acknowledging & expressing how we really feel!

We don’t always need to dramatically voice ‘THIS FEELING’ out aloud to everyone. We only need to be very honest to our self!

We consciously acknowledge ‘the notion’ we get, as being ‘OUR PERSONAL TRUTH’…

It’s what we really feel about the issue at an empathic level. Our Ego-mind or ‘conditioned thinking’ may however have a rather ‘different take’ on all this! It might want you to deny or suppress these ‘true feelings’ or ‘personal truth’. That might not be socially acceptable. It might not fit some established scientific consensus. Or it might not be politically correct.

We must learn to stay firm, be brave and not surrender our personal truth!

Being this personally honest is a real test of our courage! We might finally accept that we’re a very empathic being! These emotions are a major part of our physical sensory system. We should cherish this profound human quality and not diminish it!

Let’s briefly summarize what we have discovered about our emotional sensory system. We can accurately assess our inner state of wellbeing using this 6th sense. It’s probably more reliable than our other physical senses and less prone to deception that our Ego-mind! It also assesses a spectrum of human experience where our Intellectual mind is lacking.

Human society has become too conditioned & blind to some obvious personal & world truths. We keep making the same mistakes, in slightly different ways. Mental thought processes alone are not enough to discern this falsehood. We are too easily distracted, manipulated and lead astray! We don’t need more of the same failed mental approach. Our whole Planet and our Humanity’s wellbeing is now in the balance.

Maybe it’s time for us all to tap into this simple but hidden guidance system. We all have it: as our 6th sense! It’s a powerful empathic sense! With enough practice perhaps we can better sense what’s right for us.

This 6th sense could aid our discernment in almost all life situations.

By upgrading this powerful sense, we as individuals can significantly improve our discernment and our own life. By expressing this quality collectively, we could significantly empower our future and our World.

This exploration continues in Part 3 of this series titled “TOO EMOTIONAL?’. Discover what we were never taught! Learn how to improve your discernment using this 6th powerful sense.


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