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(Challenge 2 - Page 9) Experience the ‘PURE FEELING’ of an emotion. Just OBSERVE it.

STRENGTH OF EMOTIONS: First we practised categorising emotions as feeling either ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Now, consider the STRENGTH of the feeling. Does the emotion feel mild, moderate or strong? Categorising an emotion and assessing its STRENGTH helps us to better ‘EXPERIENCE IT’.

DON’T GET DRAWN IN: Strong emotions often ‘draw us in’. To prevent this, don’t focus on related events. Don’t dwell on the storyline or the drama of what happened. Don’t blame anyone! Don’t ruminate on it or create an emotional saga! Don’t become fearful! Getting drawn into the story hinders emotional processing. It lowers our vibration!

JUST OBSERVE IT: Just ‘sit with’ the pure feeling of the emotion. Don’t judge or comment on it. Don’t become fearful. Stay positive! Just observe the pure emotion without attaching to it! This is being a kind, impartial observer, as practiced in Challenge 1.

EMOTIONAL HYGIENE: Observing the emotion without becoming fearful or attached is the key to successful ‘Emotional Processing ’. Practise feeling your emotions daily to release all the pent-up inner pressure. Thistermed emotional hygiene!

AVOIDANCE: If we fear an emotion or deny it, this will just suppress it in an unhealthy way. Suppressed emotions will build up and fester!

Experience the ‘PURE FEELING’ of an emotion. Just OBSERVE it. Don’t reactivate story & drama!


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