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(Challenge 2 - Page 3) PROCESS your EMOTIONS so 'inner stress' will not build up!

What is EMOTIONAL PROCESSING? It’s knowing HOW to successfully deal with an uncomfortable emotion or feeling when they arise. With the right skills, you will even benefit from the experience!

THIS CONCEPT might be unfamiliar to you, so we will proceed very slowly. It’s worth the effort! But remember from Challenge 1, to be kind & caring to yourself in the process!

ENGAGEMENT: To receive the maximum benefit, you must personally engage in this process. So give this a try! Start cautiously and always seek expert or professional help if you find this just too difficult to cope with.

Quietly contemplate this message and then the image on the right side of the page. Your silent contemplation will promote a deeper understanding. Some additional insights may also come to you later. Be open to this!

Challenge 2 is an exercise to develop your Emotional Processing skills. We won’t do the exercise just yet. So don’t worry! Start by reading the instructions below. Just familiarize yourself with what we aim to do...

SUMMARY OF CHALLENGE 2: Recall a recent mildly annoying emotion. Briefly re-experience what it feels like, then release & clear it fully. Sometimes an insight or wisdom is gained in this processing.

PROCESS your EMOTIONS so 'inner stress' will not build up!


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