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(Challenge 2 - Page 6) PROCESS emotions to avoid emotional baggage!

THE ESSENCE: This technique of releasing our emotions and clearing associated memories should ideally become second nature to us.

We’re all exposed to minor distress, conflict & trauma throughout life. To some degree it occurs daily! It’s therefore essential we manage this regularly & correctly. This is central to maintaining our wellbeing.

Experiencing emotions is integral to our full experience of life! Processing emotions is therefore an essential part of being human. But it’s not always easy to do! If we don’t handle our emotions properly, we are responsible for the untoward consequences!

AN ESSENTIAL SKILL: The basic skill of emotional processing & releasing is essential for physical & emotional wellbeing. It also helps raise our Emotional IQ which helps us better interact with others. It’s even required for inner growth & spiritual development.

CONTEMPLATE THIS: Negative EMOTIONS will just build up if we don’t process & release them properly. Whatever is not dealt with, becomes our emotional BAGGAGE! We then carry that heavy ‘emotional load’ until we finally deal with it or the consequences.

PROCESS emotions to avoid emotional baggage!


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