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(Challenge 2 - Page 4) Learn to RELEASE the INNER PRESSURE of unprocessed emotions

IS IT TOO SIMPLE? This challenge of Emotional Processing might seem too simple for some. But are you doing it correctly? Are you completely releasing and clearing all that inner pressure & stress? Are you extracting the maximum insight & wisdom from those life-lessons? Hang in there to find out!

IS IT TOO HARD? For some others, the challenge of Emotional Processing might at first seem too difficult. Many have never done this before! But there is always a first time for everything. Be open and give it your best try.

Emotional Processing is a basic skill. It’s essential to our health & well-being!

IT’S NOT TOO LATE: Ideally, all children would have been taught to do this correctly! But it’s not too late for adults to learn! It just takes longer and requires more practice. As an adult we have quite a backlog to deal with!

THIS CHALLENGE offers you the ‘adult version’ of emotional processing. We encourage you to approach all this with an open mind. Don’t worry, we will explain the whole process slowly and carefully.

GIVE IT YOUR BEST EFFORT, but always seek expert guidance or professional help if required! Remember the lesson from Challenge 1, which is to be caring & kind to yourself in the process!

Learn to RELEASE the INNER PRESSURE of unprocessed emotions


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