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(Challenge 2 - Page 30) PROCESSING EMOTIONS: boosts our bravery, increases vitality & wisdom!

SUMMARY OF CHALLENGE 2: Recall a recent mildly annoying emotion. Briefly re-experience what it feels like, then release & clear it fully. Sometimes an insight or wisdom is gained in this processing.

THE BREAKTHROUGH: The benefits of processing our emotional issues can be remarkable! Our courage and confidence can rise considerably. We become braver and more resilient. With our new insights, we become more capable and wise. We become more kind and better able to forgive ourselves and others.

ENERGY & VITALITY: By overcoming our ‘hidden demons’ we gain more energy and vitality. We are no longer poisoned by this toxic load. We are no longer ‘weighed down’ by this heavy emotional baggage!

GRATITUDE & JOY: We can even become GRATEFUL for our painful experiences, because of the valuable lessons learnt! With this new wisdom, we can make better choices and navigate life with MORE JOY.

CLARITY & PASSION: By fully processing our emotions, we gain both CLARITY and the DRIVE to pursue new joy filled endeavours. It becomes easier to follow our true PASSION and PURPOSE in life!

PROCESSING EMOTIONS: boosts our bravery, increases vitality & provides wisdom!


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