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(Challenge 2 - Page 28) Make EMOTIONAL PROCESSING part of your DAILY HYGIENE.

IGNORING THE ISSUE: Most people are not skilled at good emotional processing techniques. When faced with difficult emotions, people habitually deny and suppress their feelings. They mostly ignore the issue or utilise less effective coping techniques.

AVOIDING EMOTIONS: Denying our feelings and emotions is dangerous. Some think that by ignoring their emotions they are more stoic or resilient. But this ‘strategy’ is seriously flawed and dangerous!

THE DAMAGE OF DENYING: The potential damage we can do to ourselves in the long term is enormous. Denying emotions leads to stress and dis-ease! First, it builds frustration and dissatisfaction with life.

DISORDER & DISEASE: Avoiding ‘emotion processing’ promotes internal dysfunction and disease. We can try to ease our distress using distractions, addictions and band-aid measures. But without healthy emotion processing, we are headed for more suffering and a life crisis!

JUST DO IT: For all these reasons, processing our emotions should be part of our daily routine. Emotion hygiene should be a daily practice, much like bathing or cleaning out teeth!



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