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(Challenge 2 - Page 27) Get to the CORE ISSUE. It’s like PEELING OFF LAYERS of an onion!

RECURRING ‘PAINFUL’ EMOTIONS: Releasing very negative emotions can be more of a challenge! The discomfort can sometimes seem to come back in a slightly different form. This occurs because we haven’t yet dealt with the CORE emotion. There is still a deeper issue!

PEELING AN ONION: Emotion processing is like peeling the layers of an onion! First, process the outer layer. That’s the first emotion that surfaces, e.g. anxiety. Then,we may discover further layers of emotion hidden underneath. For example, regret and shame might then arise. Each needs to be cleared in turn, as they resurface.

THE CORE ISSUE: The emotion layers near the surface of the onion are NOT the CORE issue. They have just built up secondarily from the drama and story we create around the CORE incident. We can’t begin to process the hidden CORE issue until surface layers are dealt with.

REACHING THE CORE: It’s important to ‘dig deep’ and work through all the layers, until you reach the CORE emotion. Try to locate the CORE negative feeling, even though your Ego wants to avoid this! This requires courage and perseverance! Employing expert or professional help might help with some deeply repressed issues.

Get to the CORE ISSUE. It’s like PEELING OFF LAYERS of an onion!


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