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(Challenge 2 - Page 22) Emotions that we have REFUSED to face become deeply REPRESSED.

SOMETIMES WE KEEP AVOIDING experiencing a painful emotion time & again. We are fearful & don’t feel capable of dealing with it. So we keep suppressing it!

REPRESSED EMOTIONS: A suppressed emotion tends to quickly resurface. But if we constantly reject this processing, it becomes more deeply buried or ‘repressed’! Repeatedly suppressing an emotion causes it to be buried very deeply or even ‘lost’ within our subconscious mind.

CONSEQUENCES OF REPRESSION: Emotions buried very deeply within our subconscious are termed ‘repressed’. Such unprocessed emotions can cause considerable internal damage. This includes physical damage to health and damage to our relationships. Our emotional and general wellbeing suffers!

A COMPUTER ANALOGY: Repressing an emotion causes it to ‘fester’ and become toxic. In the computer analogy, a repressed emotion is like a file that has become corrupted and behaves like a computer virus. Just like a computer virus, repressed emotions can be hard to locate, process and eliminate.

LOSING THE CONNECTION: Because these corrupted emotions are so deeply repressed, we can’t see their connection to our distress in life! So, we unfairly blame something else for our discomfort or suffering. We may attempt to numb this confusion and distress with unhealthy behaviours and coping mechanisms!

Emotions that we have REFUSED to face become deeply REPRESSED. They CAUSE the most DAMAGE!


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