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(Challenge 2 - Page 20) FULLY processing an emotion REWIRES the neural pathway

SUMMARY OF CHALLENGE 2: Recall a recent mildly annoying emotion. Briefly re-experience what it feels like, then release & clear it fully. Sometimes an insight or wisdom is gained in this processing.

REWIRING PATHWAYS: Successfully processing an emotion REWIRES the associated neural pathway in the brain. This process can also rewire other similar experiences and hence ‘heal them’ at the same time.

BYPASSING LABELS: By accurately labelling an emotion, the ‘search engine’ of our brain can more easily find it. However, if we don’t give the emotion a word label, there is still a way to find it! An unlabelled emotion can still be found by visualizing the associated ‘physical setting’. That’s actually how the experts do it, but it’s essential to IMMEDIATELY DETACH from the story. Focus only on the pure emotion!

COMBINING BOTH: Experts also COMBINE accurate labelling with accurately visualizing ‘the setting’. This gives double confirmation that they have found exactly the right ‘emotion file’ to process & release.

REFRAMING EXPERIENCES: Once the negative emotion has been released, we can refile the whole experience to a ‘wisdom gained’ folder. This is the mental process of REFRAMING a negative experience into a positive one.

FULLY processing an emotion REWIRES the neural pathway


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