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(Challenge 2 - Page 19) RE-EXPERIENCING an emotion helps TARGET it for processing

AVOIDING EMOTIONS: We tend to avoid experiencing unpleasant emotions. Sometimes we deeply hide or REPRESS a painful emotion deep in our subconscious mind. That’s to avoid facing & feeling it!

FACING THEM: If we want to really MOVE ON, we must instead ‘face the fear’. We can’t grow emotionally if we keep hiding from painful issues. We will just keep getting TRIGGERED by life events! These remind us of the hidden issues! We can however upgrade from these childish ways of coping!

RELEASING SAFELY: If we want to finally RELEASE all the suffering, then the pent-up emotion has to be RE-EXPERIENCED. Most of the PAIN is however in the story & invented drama. We DON’T have to re-experience the whole story. That just hinders release of the emotion. It is much easier to re-experience the pure emotion. Just UN-ATTACH the emotion from the related story. Just experience the pure emotion!

THE RIGHT FILE: Re-experiencing a difficult emotion confirms that we have found the correct ‘emotional file’. It’s a double-check to ensure we’re targeting the right ‘emotion file’. We don’t want to clear or delete the wrong file with an unrelated emotion inside!

EXPERT SUPPORT: We may occasionally need professional to help us process and release a deeply repressed issue.

RE-EXPERIENCING an emotion helps TARGET it for processing


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