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(Challenge 2 - Page 18) By FACING our EMOTIONS... we gain WISDOM & COURAGE

INSIGHT & WISDOM: Emotional processing isn’t just about releasing pent up or painful emotions. We also learn and grow from confronting our fears. By processing emotional issues, we learn powerful lessons! The optimal outcome is to gain maximum insight & wisdom! Emotional processing can lead to us making better choices in the future.

COURAGE: In facing our fears we also gain courage & learn perseverance.

EXTRACT the essence of WISDOM from your experience!

OVERCOME your FEARS to gain courage & confidence!

EMPOWERING LESSONS: We can ‘REFILE’ new insights to another mental folder of ‘important lessons learned’ or ‘wisdom gained’. What once was a painful memory can now be an empowering lesson. We will expand on this later, but hopefully you get the idea. The gaining of wisdom and courage is part of your Challenge 2 exercise!

POWERFUL INSIGHTS: Practise Challenge 2 again and see what lessons or wisdom you can discover. Powerful insights might however take hours or even days to be ‘delivered’. It might come to you as an insight or a dream! You might just notice changes in your thinking or behaviour. You might have less fear or resistance. Remain open and welcome this.



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