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(Challenge 2 - Page 16) LABELLING your EMOTIONS will help CLEAR THEM out!

LABELLING EMOTIONS: Try labelling emotions precisely. Negative emotions include pride, anger, craving, fear, regret, despair, blame & shame.

BENEFITS OF LABELLING: There is a benefit to accurately labelling an emotion. It’s like making the effort to correctly labelling a computer file. Then we can more easily find them for full processing later!

WITH PRACTICE we become better at recognising our emotions.

DON’T HIDE FROM THEM: We tend to avoid dealing with negative emotions. But they’re the ones that cause the most damage! So, concentrate on feeling & labelling your bad feelings or ‘negative’ emotions. Fearing them will only suppress them! Avoiding them won’t make them go away!

ACCURATE IDENTIFICATION: It’s also valuable to classify our emotions according to HOW NEGATIVE they are. This makes them even easier to identify in our memory bank! Then if a bad feeling resurfaces, we can be sure we have the ‘right file’. Then we can clear the remaining energies!

SUMMARY OF CHALLENGE 2: Recall a recent mildly annoying emotion. Briefly re-experience what it feels like, then release & clear it fully. Sometimes an insight or wisdom is gained in this processing.



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