(Challenge 2 - Page 14) DON’T dwell on what went wrong. Don’t get TRAPPED in the STORY!

SUMMARY OF CHALLENGE 2: Recall a recent mildly annoying emotion. Briefly re-experience what it feels like, then release & clear it fully. Sometimes an insight or wisdom is gained in this processing.

How is your practise going? This reminder might help:

DON’T RUMINATE: Don’t dwell on the specific event or people involved. That just HINDERS processing & clearing the emotion!

ONLY THE FEELING:Just experience THE PURE FEELING itself. Just the feeling ALONE! Un-attach the mental story from an emotion.

AVOID THE THEATRICS: Don’t get caught up in painful thoughts! That’s just the storyline & drama of what happened. Avoid attaching to the story. The associated fear or overwhelm will hold you back! STAY POSITIVE!

JUST OBSERVE & FEEL: Sit with the pure emotion and ALLOW the RELEASE. Keeping a high vibe of ‘kindness & caring’ speeds this up!

These are the important first steps in processing & releasing your emotions! Seek additional expert or professional help if you find releasing a particular emotion too difficult to handle alone.

DON’T dwell on what went wrong. Don’t get TRAPPED in the STORY!

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