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(Challenge 2 - Page 13) RUMINATION creates SUFFERING! Dwelling on the STORYLINE HINDERS release.

DON’T RUMINATE: Remember to FOCUS on the PURE FEELING itself. Don’t ruminate or dwell on the mental story! The storyline will distract you from the releasing the emotion. It creates fear or doubt. This will lower your vibration and hold back the clearing!

JUST OBSERVE IT: Sit only with the pure feeling and experience it. Stay positive and caring. This RELEASES the pent-up ENERGY. Let it all go! Don’t suppress it again by becoming fearful. ALLOW it time to CLEAR. Invite this release in a kind or caring way as per Challenge 1.

DON’T CREATE SUFFERING: We create more suffering when we repeatedly go over ‘the story’ in our mind! Attachment to the story is what causes most of our suffering! That lowers our vibration & triggers fear.

HINDERING RELEASE: If you avoid feeling the pure emotion, this prolongs the clearing process. Dwelling on how or why something happened also does not work. Rumination just hinders the release!

FACE THE FEELING: Eventually, in a safe setting with appropriate support & technique, even deeply REPRESSED EMOTIONS can be faced. The emotional charge can finally be released. This will help resolve a long standing or deep-seated issue!

RUMINATION creates SUFFERING! Dwelling on the STORYLINE only HINDERS release of the emotion.


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