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(Challenge 2 - Page 12) Start processing MILD emotions. Build your confidence & courage!

DON’T SUFFER: There is no need to unduly suffer in this process! Excessive distress usually indicates a low vibe or poor technique. Improve your vibe as outlined in Challenge 1! Anticipate how much better you will feel. Start by processing mildly uncomfortable emotions as they arise in your daily life. Only then progress to more moderate emotions. Try these tips:

STAY POSITIVE: Stay positive and in a high vibe. Becoming fearful inhibits the healthy processing.The key is to focus only on the pure emotion and not the attached story. This shortens the processing time & minimizes the discomfort! Ask for expert help if this becomes too challenging.

DON’T ATTACH: You might be needlessly suffering through this process, by ‘attaching’ to the story behind the emotion. Emotional processing might feel ‘uneasy’ but should not be unbearable. The feeling should diminish quickly and then pass. The pent-up energy releases through feeling, observing and ‘sitting with’ the pure emotion. Stay positive and kind to yourself. This will help it pass more quickly!

UNCOVERING THE NEXT LAYER: Releasing one emotion can sometimes ‘unmask’ another related feeling. These related emotions will eventually surface and need to be processed too. Clear the deeper layer in the same way when you feel ready.

Start processing MILD emotions. Build your confidence & courage!


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