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Where does one start?

Where does one start anything new? Perhaps we could start exactly as we already are! Where we are right now, at this moment! For we contend that ‘the present moment’ is the only opportunity we have, to intentionally change anything.

We can’t change ‘in the past’ for that opportunity has already gone. We can however promise ourselves ‘to change’ at some time in the future. That is usually just an excuse for putting off changing. A way to delude ourselves for longer. To again give away our power to deliberately change. Making a Conscious change is always done in some ‘present moment’! That’s WHERE we start!

In that ‘present moment’, how do we decide what to do? How do we then choose or discern what’s best for us right now?

We can't reliably use ‘the past’ as a guide, even though we often think so much about it. We can go over and over, how bad or how or great it was, or what we should have done. But we can't really change the past, or even relive those same joys, for we have all moved on. We are no longer that same person or in that identical situation.

So, if ‘the past’ isn't the very best guide to acting optimally in ‘this present moment’, then what is? Is our best guide instead ‘the future’? Could we use our best estimation of what ‘the future’ holds as our best guide to choosing? Should we project forward all our memories and experiences, then try to live by this guesswork? Unfortunately, this is like driving a car to a new destination by looking out of the rear window! But so often, we live like that. We make choices in alignment with some future expectation. It is however just another variation of living ‘from the past’. We just ‘project out’ further from these past experiences. Another option might be to make almost no conscious life altering decisions at all and to simply ‘hope’ it will all somehow ‘work out’. To constantly live subconsciously ‘on autopilot’ without choosing where to go. This seems very disempowering and foolhardy! But that’s how a great many people choose to live! So if using one or a combination of the above strategies is how we live, what’s the alternative? Is there really any other option? Would it be difficult, radical or revolutionary?

Yes, there is an alternative. It is quite simple! It might seem rather revolutionary. However, it’s more a spiritual evolution of our Consciousness rather than a human revolution.

Let’s first briefly review what we have argued so far. First, that ‘this current moment’ is the only opportunity we have, to Consciously change anything. Second, if we don’t optimize our decision making there, our desired progress will be very slow. We will tend to repeat old mistakes, behaviour patterns or habits. Now let’s consider a radical alternative to those methods of choosing as discussed previously!


That new way bypasses all the previous thought-based processes. It even bypasses our Ego, our perceptual Bias and our unhealthy habits!

The website helps viewers explore and develop that NEW WAY of choosing and discerning.


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