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Secrets of the masters

Spiritual masters have long taught that WE are the CAUSE of our own SUFFERING. Both as individuals and as a human collective. Intellectually understanding this is one issue. LIVING an ALTERNATIVE WAY to ‘avoid’ such all-pervasive ‘suffering’ seems much harder.

Most attempts at us changing our mind-set seem to end up back roughly on the ‘same track’. Back in the same realm of thinking. In fact it's the THINKING process itself that is the REAL PROBLEM! We use our standard ego-mind based thinking. This is based on conventional logic, reasoning and the linear notion of cause and effect.

Consequent on using such thinking and logic, we end up JUDGING and blaming a lot. Not to mention arguing! From our linear perspective there usually appears to be a victim and an aggressor. There even seems to be a polar or opposing aspect to almost everything. It’s a world of DUALITY! How could we ever overcome this?

Apparently, THE SECRET taught by the highest masters is to UN-ATTACH or bypass our thought-based reasoning altogether. That might seem quite hard to do! The perceived difficulty is mostly due to our childhood upbringing and social conditioning. It’s our subtle indoctrination into conventional science & logic. How might we then overcome this conditioning? Spiritual teachers recommend that we first START BY carefully CHOOSING EACH THOUGHT! Choosing all our conscious thoughts wisely! If we really must use conventional thought-based processes, then we should always choose a new thought WITH a POSITIVE INTENT and HIGHER VIBRATION. That will certainly raise our Consciousness. Brilliant and simple advice. But it might seem rather hard to do! Could we eventually give up conventional thinking entirely?

The aim of the highest spiritual masters is indeed to GIVE UP all ATTACHMENT to thought-based logic. This is part of the spiritual process called ASCENSION. With such training and practice an individual’s Consciousness can significantly rise or ‘ascend to higher levels. The masters eventual aim is to reach full REALISATION or ENLIGHTENMENT.

Those of us with lesser aims than full enlightenment can however also benefit from this information. We might for example now understand that our ego-mind (and its related thoughts) is NOT always our BEST GUIDE in life. Its fine for getting specific travel directions, but it’s not so good at choosing the specific direction of one’s life. There apparently is a much better way for making such life changing personal decisions! But what is this other way?

The alternative to conventional linear thinking is a DIRECT access to our INNER KNOWING. This is also known as ‘heart-based’ knowing or ‘deep inner’ knowing. In its lesser form this is the ‘hunch’ or ‘gut feeling’ that we probably have all experienced or that ‘inner nudge’.

In its more developed or cultivated form this Knowing process is termed OUR INTUITION and the ‘intuitive feeling’ that we can tune into for guidance. This guidance seems particularly useful for so called ‘matters of the Heart’. But its usefulness is much more extensive than that.

Some refer to this alternative decision-making process as ‘inner guidance’ or HIGHER GUIDANCE. This guidance comes from another part: our greater Mind. This is not the part of mind associated with ego, self-sabotage or thought based logic. So, at minimum it is less biased and more impartial. This input or guidance is characteristically beneficial, wise and compassionate. At its full potential this communication channel serves as A DIRECT CONNECTION to our Soul and onwards to ‘Source’ and ‘All There Is’.

So, you can probably see why spiritual masters throughout the ages would be so interested in perfecting this direct line of communication and COMMUNION with their Creator.

But some benefit exists at every level of such spiritual endeavour. Plus, this inner or ‘higher’ connection is also much easier than one might imagine. In fact, it’s our natural or ‘divine’ inclination. It’s our ‘heart’s calling’ or ‘heart’s yearning’, so to speak. It really is OUR BEST GUIDE to most things! This topic will be explained further on the website and blog.


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