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Is there an ultimate test in life?

Would the ultimate test of a life be some kind of I.Q. test?

Is intelligence really the ultimate quality that humans possess?

Or is this ‘ultimate’ attribute something more abstract and less tangible!

Is it something we might intuitively recognize in a person as being truly remarkable but can’t quite name or define. What if we could really measure or quantify this subtle yet profound quality?

What might these ultimate human attributes be? How could we all benefit from this and strive to achieve it? Humanity might benefit greatly by identifying truly remarkable people and utilizing their profound wisdom and judgement? We already acknowledge some individual feats of merit or achievement. We even have various awards for certain perceived grand deeds. The Nobel Prize with all its various (but limiting) categories is an example. But this recognition comes very retrospectively to a select few in a specific field of endeavour. It’s usually many years after the specific achievement or discovery. It sometimes even further isolates the recipient rather than re-engages them.

What if we could predict such a prodigious capacity and even pre-empt its manifestation? Not only in a few select fields such as Science or the Arts, but more widely in every beneficial human endeavour? What if we could identify the underlying markers associated with profound future achievement or great wisdom? Such persons might currently even be in the most unexpected of situations, such as unemployed labourers or those working the fields. If we were instead to nurture, champion and better utilize these remarkable people wouldn’t this be a precious resource for the betterment of our world? Such an evaluation process might even be termed the ultimate test? Might our ‘ultimate test’ as a Humanity be to utilize the remarkable untapped human potential of every individual for goodness and greatness? This may even be the determining factor in the survival of our planet or our species! The time we have left could be fast running out!


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