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ALL ABOUT NOTHING: Part 2. All about TRUTH... Nothing but the truth?

What is Truth? Where does Truth reside? This enquiry might at first seem esoteric or strange. But ‘this understanding’ is very important! So, hang in there! Let’s first establish what we mean by this ‘Truth’ with a capital ‘T’. What we’re talking about is a fixed Reality, a permanent reference point.

‘The Truth’ means having a TRUE REALITY & true reference point!

One that is precise, permanent & universal? One that would likely apply everywhere in the entire Cosmos…

That’s a big ask! Scientists are not even certain that ‘Universal Constants’ such as the speed of light are the same everywhere! What about in a Black Hole?

Such a grand ‘Truth’ would obviously not be contained in mere words nor confined by them.

This grand Truth would extend beyond human thoughts and even complex concepts.

Such ‘a Truth’ would most likely surpass even the most elegant mathematical constant, symbol or theorem. None of these alone would be enough! This ‘absolute Truth’ would however incorporate or embody all these mathematical concepts.

Where could such a true & permanent reference point exist?

This Truth or Reality must exist somewhere!

Perhaps we just have a huge blind spot! Could this ‘universal Truth’ be hidden in plain sight? Can you think of where this might be?

A universal reference point or ‘permanent Reality’ would have to remain somewhat detached, yet still encompasses ‘all that exists’. It would have to encompass all thoughts, symbols & concepts! It would even encompass all matter & physical existence as well!

Can you imagine where this all-encompassing reference medium might be? Utilizing our imagination, is indeed the best way to envisage this.

This constant Reality or ‘Truth’ IS THE SPACE that exists between each & every thought.

It’s also THE SPACE in between every atom & subatomic particle. The Truth is in those gaps!

At first glance, such a sweeping statement might seem preposterous or absurd. How can permanent Reality which we call ‘Truth’ exist in an empty space or gap? Surely there is nothing there! Isn’t it just all ‘empty’ space?

Consider this analogy – from the well accepted scientific concept of Matter: Atomic particles are composed of even smaller sub-atomic particles. These are all surrounded by ‘empty space’. In fact, all physical matter, in this well accepted scientific model is predominantly empty space.

Matter is more than 99% ‘empty space!’

The mass of the protons, neutrons, electrons & subatomic particles is quite minuscule. But is this space completely empty? Could great scientists like Albert Einstein have got it wrong? Well, some leading theoretical physicists certainly think so!

In some scientific circles, even proposing such a new hypothesis is considered heresy.

This is akin to the heretical crimes of early astronomers such as Copernicus, Galileo & Giordano Bruno. They believed the Earth was not at the centre of the entire Universe. This belief was contrary to the established dogma of the Church at that time! These ‘radical scientists’ believed the Earth moved around the Sun, along with our planets.

Giordano Bruno even postulated there was life elsewhere in the Universe. Bruno was even tortured & burned at the stake for not recanting his hypothesis. The astronomer Copernicus dared not publish his theory till almost at his death bed. Even Galileo, despite his wide public acclaim, endured a virtual house arrest. So that’s the price they paid for challenging an established & entrenched belief.

Even today, the situation has changed only marginally! We no longer torture with imprisonment, sharp instruments & fire. Instead ‘the establishment’ uses ‘sharp’ criticism and the ‘burn’ of public derision. They isolate the perpetrators by humiliation & having their colleagues shun them. Collaboration & funding for their further research suddenly dries up for these mavericks. This is the ‘modern day’ control system for such ‘scientific heresy’.

Some scientists today still endure this opposition to establishing & validating their theories.

Dr. Barry Marshall who is a medical scientist is such an example. As a stomach specialist, he proposed a radical cause for all peptic ulcers. Do you think you know what causes stomach ulcers? To established ‘stomach scientists’, the cause of stomach & duodenal ulcers seemed obvious! No, it wasn’t too much stress or the wrong food. The accepted scientific view was just ‘too much acid production’. That was the scientific dogma at the time!

It certainly wouldn’t be caused by a bacterium as Dr Marshall proposed! How could a bacterium even survive in such strong stomach acid? But Barry Marshall didn’t give up! He kept proving & confirming this in many ways! He even drank the bacterium himself to prove the causal link. Many years later he received the Nobel Prize for his revolutionary theory of ulcer causation. He had been right all along!

With such a paradigm shift, recognition & acclaim is usually very delayed.

In retrospect the logic becomes obvious. Finally, even the few remaining opponents retire or die, and a new generation of scientists fully embrace the new dogma. Then another maverick researcher will again risk all and question the mainstream view.

To find out more about such maverick scientists and greater paradigm shifts, read Part 3 of this series. This next post is titled ‘All about NOTHING: What’s in empty SPACE?


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