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Corporate CONSCIOUSNESS OR Corporate CONTROL? Part 2: How the Paradigm Shift is manifesting!

Why is this Paradigm Shift inevitable? There are currently two powerful driving forces: The first is the ‘accumulated toxicity’ in the current global system. This ‘toxic load’ has become too great to bear! Both the environmental burden and the human cost are now too great.The status quo is no longer sustainable!

Secondly, the ‘emotional threshold’ of what people will tolerate has now been exceeded. The collective pressure & force for change is now too great.

This situation is no longer tolerable at the emotional level!

Either a significant evolutionary leap is necessary, or a breakdown & revolution will result.

How is this global discontent manifesting? It’s not pretty! Corporations & global control structures are viewed with increasing disdain. They are now seen as the problem; even the main problem! They’re no longer viewed as offering solutions in this New Paradigm! They are being increasingly blamed & demonized! A revolt and even revolution are possible!

This decline has already started with contempt for politicians and the corporate news media. Public opinion polls confirm the increasing disrespect the general public has for them.

Religious institutions are now badly tainted with the cloud of widespread sexual misconduct. They are also increasingly viewed as irrelevant to modern values.

This scorn has spread to the global financial organizations and even to public education. These institutions were once held in high regard!

The Medical & Pharmaceutical Establishment has come under increasing attack with alternative & holistic therapies and opposition to mandatory vaccination. These are just a few examples and I am sure you can think of many others.

There is a similar breakdown in the ‘the respect’ for authority figures, leaders, celebrities & idols of all types. They are increasingly seen as flawed, corrupt & not benefiting the population. They are no longer as worthy of emulating or listening to.

A groundswell of general resistance is now building to all forms of centralized control.

There’s even a resurgence in Conservative values & Nationalism confronting the Globalist agenda.

What ‘draconian response’ is possible? The proven centralist strategy for opposing widespread resistance has always been ‘group mind control’. This involves subtly controlling the narrative & setting the agenda! Individuals can be dealt with specifically using many other means, but large groups require a ‘control meme’: a more general form of mind control.

This core strategy has been ramped up in anticipation of the increasing dissent! This scheme involves promoting a behavioral ‘fashion’ or trend. That’s then subtly utilized for social suppression of any dissent. Ideally, it employs a behavioral fad that masquerades as a moral virtue: One that appeals to our egoic sense of superiority or self-righteousness!

What new memes & control strategies have been employed? The tool of ‘Political Correctness’ has now been successfully employed for this purpose. Contrary ideas & values can now be curtailed by the ‘perceived need’ not to offend some ‘victim’ or disadvantaged group.

But who decides which group is protected? And what is ‘acceptable speech’? Effectively, a committee or ‘a politician’ decides, as the name ‘politically correct’ implies? These ‘opinion makers’ are easily manipulated by authoritarian power! Freedom of speech & dissent then takes second stage!

Once a control meme is established, the population self-regulates. So, it’s a very efficient scheme!

‘Derogatory Labelling’ is a more simplistic & baser version of the same control strategy. We can then for example aggressively or abusively ‘label’ someone ‘a conspiracy theorist’ if their opinion or research does not comply with the required narrative. These labels convey a sense or intellectual or moral superiority. So, again they appeal to our lower Egoic nature.

Corporate censorship using social media platforms is another control strategy to lessen the impact of dissent. If done for example under the banner of blocking ‘hate speech’ or ‘hate agents’ it can superficially appear ethical. This also works in conjunction with ‘Political Correctness’.

Even the threat of this censorship suppresses our freedom of expression. We then have to carefully edit what we say so as not to be censured by ‘the new community guidelines’.

Censorship can also be done subtly or secretly by ‘shadow-banning’ content and using skewed search engine algorithms. Audiences then can’t find specific content as easily! Demonetizing of certain YouTube channels or videos and delisting individuals & content is a less subtle strategy.

In the mainstream media, distraction & diversion strategies have always been mainstays of centrist control. Viewers are diverted to another engaging story. Promoting division & conflict have always been central to this agenda.

When we’re fearful we are more easily controlled or led!

News stories are now increasingly manufactured or spun to support an agenda. Control of the narrative, the talking point and key words used is now better synchronized across multiple media outlets.

Despite all the above ‘control strategies’, an increasing awareness of this control is being intuitively conveyed to the population.

More people are ‘tuning out’ mainstream sources and using alternative & social media. More will seek out alternative media sites despite the attempted censorship and subtle redirection back to mainstream channels.

What’s the tipping point to a New Paradigm? When does the New Era become ‘a global awakening’ termed the New Paradigm? What percentage of the population needs to be awake & aware of what’s really going on? What’s the tipping point?

Epidemiological studies confirm this critical number of fully aware people is very small! It’s probably only 4-6 percent of the population. That’s the standard pattern found in scientific studies of social change.

It will all depend on the individual activism of those involved!

The level of resistance & active opposition in this case is likely to be very strong…on both sides! Vast corporate empires & organizational networks are at risk of extinction. They have huge financial resources at their disposal. So, this battle is likely to be long and hard fought!

Statistically the demise of the ‘old order’ now seems inevitable.

The trigger or ‘tipping point’ initiates an irreversible and unpredictable change. That occurs from one stable state to another: From the Old Order to New Paradigm. That tipping point is almost where we’re at right now!

What’s our role in the New Paradigm? If we remain ignorant, arrogant or in denial, we won’t see the true situation. We won’t recognize the future style of organizations & corporate functioning: that of the new ‘Corporate Consciousness’.

Corporate Consciousness is the new organizational paradigm we’re now entering. If we can’t see this change coming, we won’t be alone! New paradigms are just like that: Like a tsunami, they’re hard to predict, but there are always some warning signs.

We need to be open & intuitive enough to get ahead of the wave!

Most will get engulfed in the tsunami of organizational disruption that’s on its way. Good luck!


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