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(Challenge 1 - Page 9) HELPING others should be a GIFT CHECK your MOTIVATION!

HELPING OTHERS: If you find an act of kindness helps you, then perhaps offer this to others. But don’t impose your will! Only do this if they are willing to accept! Consider whether you are ‘helping others’ out of vanity, superiority or people pleasing?

DON‘T CONTROL: Kind and caring behaviour is NOT about controlling others. It’s not our right to force ‘our way’ or ‘our help’ on anyone! That‘s just us manipulating them. That’s our arrogance and Ego! It’s our need to control everything or our need to ‘people please’!

OUR GIFT: Our help must be offered purely as a gift with no strings attached. Remember, it is THEIR GIFT TO US if they choose to accept our kindness. They are sovereign beings and not obliged to accept our help, whatever their situation.

PRACTISE THIS: Practise being a little MORE KIND & CARING to yourself first. Then very slowly expand or extend this, if it feels right. Be a little more kind to others too! Try giving anonymously to avoid acting out pride or people pleasing.


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