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(Challenge 1 - Page 2) Thanks for starting!

THANKS FOR STARTING: This Course is a ‘fast track’ to personal growth & self-development. But you can work at whatever pace best suits you. Just do as much as is comfortable. It should feel like a challenge but be rewarding and enjoyable!

OBSERVE YOUR GROWTH: This Course will help you raise your Awareness & Consciousness. This will happen automatically as you absorb the lessons! See if you can notice the change in yourself over time. Maybe record your progress or keep a journal.

CONTEMPLATE & INTEGRATE: Each page of this Course provides a lesson for you to consider. Read the text slowly and carefully! Then sit quietly and contemplate what you have learnt. Tune in to your inner guidance. Take the time to discover your own insights and wisdom. Then integrate them into your daily life!

DEEPER INSIGHTS: Consider how each lesson relates to your life! Then allow your contemplation to continue subconsciously in the background of your mind. See what further hidden insights come up for you, later on!

Challenge 2 of this Course encourages you to better PROCESS & RELEASE YOUR EMOTIONS...


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