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(Challenge 1 - Page 8) What WORKS for you? Will it bring LASTING HAPPINESS or JOY?

DAILY PRACTICE: Practise being KIND & CARING. Start in any way you know how. CHECK by looking inwards and ask yourself whether your ideas and action will really be helpful?

TRY THIS: Consider whether your intended actions will help yourself and others. Will your behaviour help over the long term? Is this in the best interest of all concerned?

Imagine yourself tuning in to your deep intuition. That’s your true nature! Seek your heart-felt guidance. Check with your inner GUIDANCE and your inner KNOWING!

First, practise being kind and caring to yourself. Find out what really works for you! Does it have some lasting benefit? Does it bring lasting happiness and joy? Don’t just act out of habit or social conditioning. Avoid addictive urges or temporary pleasures.

TRY THIS CONTEMPLATION: Visualise assessing yourself and your progress, as if from above. Observe yourself from a HIGHER PERSPECTIVE. Have the changes you’ve made been beneficial?


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