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(Challenge 1 - Page 7) Seek AUTHENTIC ways of CARING. Tune into your INNER GUIDANCE.

THE AIM: The aim of Challenge 1 is to find better, more authentic ways to be CARING & KIND to yourself and others. It’s about finding choices that are truly beneficial long term! This requires using your inner guidance & knowing for additional help.

CARING MEANS supporting yourself first. It means proceeding slowly & gently! Remember to tune in to your authentic inner guidance. This will require some patience & lots of practice!

CONTEMPLATE THIS: What does ‘being authentically kind & caring’ really mean to you?How would you really KNOW what is best? How would you then assess the decisions you make?

REMEMBER: We should NEVER knowingly harm ourself or others! With this in mind, we encourage you to contemplate Challenge 1.

SUMMARY OF CHALLENGE 1: Contemplate what BEING KIND & CARING really means. Be a little more kind to yourself first and then to others. Become more aware of how you choose to be kind. Practise tuning in to your intuitive guidance.


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