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(Challenge 1 - Page 18) Being KIND & CARING is the KEY to personal GROWTH!

Let’s REVIEW what you have achieved so far...

First you were encouraged to be more KIND & CARING. That’s another term for ‘PRACTISING COMPASSION’. This started with yourself, then extended to others. Even if you do nothing more, try to maintain this key practice of KINDNESS & CARING.

Next, you practised being more MINDFUL of your thoughts and behaviours. You became more AWARE of your effect on others!

You tapped into your Inner Wisdom & Knowing. You then objectively monitored and reviewed your progress and life direction.

NATURAL & JOYFUL: These are all very powerful skills. When mastered, they will occur naturally and without effort! If you do this correctly, it will also uplift and empower you! The pure joy of the process will sustain your practise.

A STRONG FOUNDATION: These skills will provide a foundation for Challenge 2 and beyond. It’s important to MAINTAIN your PRACTISE of kindness and caring through the rest of the course, and your life!


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