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(Challenge 1 - Page 17) Don't hold yourself back! Find your Inner Power. Become your True Self.

TEST your Self Awareness and Inner Guidance with this exercise...

CONTEMPLATE THIS QUESTION: “What is holding me back?”

RELAX and quietly ponder this powerful question. Gently ‘hold’ this question in your intuitive mind for as long as you can...

USE YOUR INNER GUIDANCE: The aim is NOT to find a logical answer! AVOID using the problem solving part of your mind. Instead, only use your IMAGINATION to visualise your response. Allow the INSIGHT to gently and gradually unfold in your mind.

BE OPEN & PATIENT: Sometimes the answer will come in a flash! Other times, you won’t seem to find a solution. But that is fine, because just ‘siting with’ the issue can be transformational!

REPEAT REGULARLY: Further explore the question “What is holding me back?” regularly in the future. See if anything new arises. You might surprise yourself with new insights and ideas, as you progress.


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