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(Challenge 1 - Page 16) Personal growth requires PARTICIPATION at an ENERGETIC LEVEL.

INNER GUIDANCE: Earlier on we introduced the concept of tuning in to our Higher Self! This is a DEEP INTUITION and INNER KNOWING. It’s a HEARTFELT sense! It’s a pure AWARENESS of what’s right for us and others, in this moment. It’s a sense of profound clarity.

DON’T OVER INTELLECTUALISE: Don’t overly concern yourself with all these fancy technical terms. Remember that personal and spiritual growth is NOT about intellectually understanding a topic.

ENGAGE & EXPERIMENT: Instead, fully engage with ‘the experience’ at an ENERGETIC LEVEL. It’s vital to actually ‘do the work’ and fully experience the process. This includes acknowledging our mistakes and being open to changes in direction. It can feel challenging, but we grow in courage and wisdom through this experience.

CONTINUE PRACTISING: Keep practising your kindness, caring and compassion, even after you have finished this course. Continue regularly reviewing your life, from an unbiased higher perspective. Practise using your Inner Guidance to help navigate your choices.


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