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(Challenge 1 - Page 15) PROGRESS should be CELEBRATED. We LEARN from our MISTAKES too!

GOING WIDER: We previously ‘guided’ our kindness practice using our Inner Connection and Heartfelt Knowing. Let’s EXPAND these same intuitive skills to also assess our LIFE direction in general.

CHECK YOUR DIRECTION: Quieten your mind and ask yourself... ‘Is my life ON TRACK? Am I really on the RIGHT PATH?’

LIFE REVIEW: Review your life path every week. Consider any new insights acquired. Do you need to FINE TUNE your direction a little?

ARE YOU ON PURPOSE: Was your week meaningful and fulfilling? Were you true to your intent? Is there enough joy and contentment in your life? Celebrate any progress you have made. Try to appreciate your challenges and even your mistakes!

PRACTISE TUNING IN: In addition to your weekly review, also allow some quiet time to reflect every day. Tune in to that INNER VOICE! Remember how that feels. Allow any insights to arise. Consider any COURSE CORRECTIONS with an open mind. Check whether any change in direction ‘feels right’. Learn to trust your Inner Guidance.


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