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(Challenge 1 - Page 14) BE an IMPARTIAL but CARING OBSERVER of all you think & do

REVIEW YOUR PROGRESS: Briefly ‘check in’ with yourself every day. How are you going with your practice of kindness? Check your motivations. Assess your progress and your impact on others.

ASK YOURSELF: Are you now more mindful of your thoughts and actions? Keep yourself accountable. Stay unbiased and be objective.

CHECK: If your impact is not positive, then check your motivation again. Motivations that are truly pure will lead to positive outcomes.

YOUR ASSESSMENT: Remember to BE KIND & CARING in your own assessment of yourself. It can take many attempts to succeed. You are learning along the way! Be an IMPARTIAL but caring OBSERVER!

Keep all this in mind as you continue to practise Challenge 1.

SUMMARY OF CHALLENGE 1: Contemplate what BEING KIND & CARING really means. Be a little more kind to yourself first and then to others. Become more aware of how you choose to be kind. Practise tuning in to your intuitive guidance.


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