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(Challenge 1 - Page 13) OBSERVE your BEHAVIOUR from a detached perspective

CHECKING OUTCOMES: It’s important that your acts of kindness have positive outcomes. Having a pure motivation will help. But you should regularly check your impact! Sometimes what we perceive as acts of kindness can result in unexpected consequences.

INNER GUIDANCE: To assess whether your actions are having a positive impact, you must listen to your inner guidance. This involves letting go of Ego. Unattach yourself from the situation and outcome.

BE FLEXIBLE: Sometimes you might need to change direction completely! Be KIND & CARING to yourself in this regard too. Stay positive and keep exploring new ways you can express kindness.

LEARN FROM MISTAKES: If something feels very wrong, just STOP! Success can also come from learning ‘what does not work’. We can learn and grow from all our attempts, no matter how they turn out.

GRATITUDE & FORGIVENESS: Forgive yourself and learn from all your experiences. Can you also forgive others and become grateful for what they have taught you?


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