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(Challenge 1 - Page 11) Do what FEELS RIGHT deep within. But avoid extremes. Don't burn out!

MAKE IT A HABIT: The more you practise kindness, the more it will become a natural habit. Continue doing caring things that promote lasting or AUTHENTIC happiness. Don’t forget to be kind to yourself!

CHECK MOTIVATIONS: Remember to be aware of HOW & WHY you make your decisions. Consider the true intentions or reasons! OBSERVE yourself objectively, as if from a higher perspective.

DEPTH: Your PRACTICE can be as simple or deep as you wish.

AVOID EXTREMES: Proceed at your own pace, slowly and cautiously. Start by making small changes. Extreme measures are not usually beneficial in the short or long term! Do what feels authentic. Do what feels right and natural, deep within. Check with your inner guidance.

SUMMARY OF CHALLENGE 1: Contemplate what BEING KIND & CARING really means. Be a little more kind to yourself first and then to others. Become more aware of how you choose to be kind. Practise tuning in to your intuitive guidance.


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